David W. Solomons

David W. Solomons (born 1953) began his musical career relatively late, taking up the violin at the ripe old age of 14 and the classical guitar a few years after that. Most of his musical expression in composition has been based on the principle of 'learning by doing', liberally seasoned with musical collaborations.
David attended Oxford University in 1972 to study French and German and also began to sing there on a regular basis. At Oxford he met lots of great musicians, many of whom had important influences on his compositional style. He moved to London where he made progress as both a composer and a church singer, and later, to Loughborough (in Leicestershire).  His works include many choral and instrumental compositions and arrangements and his composing has been supported in various fruitful ways by the North-West Composers Association, music publishers DaCapo Music, Les Productions d’Oz and Musik Fabrik, and online organisations such as the Classical Music Makers, Kalvos, Damian’s Music Bazaar and the Delian Society. As a result, his compositions have been widely performed, recorded and distributed.
Over time, David’s compositional style has (of course) developed, but he has always remained true to the principle that a good memorable tune is what counts.
David W Solomons

Works by David W. Solomons