The Barnyards O’Delgaty is one of the most famous ‘Bothy Ballads’ (a song sung by farm labourers in the northeast region of Scotland). The farm of Barnyards is on the Delgaty estate a mile north east of Turriff.

The melody is derived from an old Lowland love song called ‘Linton Lowrie’ by Alexander MacKenzie and James Ballantine thought to have bee composed early in the 20th Century. A reference to ‘Linton Lowrie’ can be found in the chorus:
“Linten adie, tooren adie,
Linten adie, tooren ay,
inten lowerin lowerin lowerin,
The Barnyards o Delgaty.”
This lively arrangement by Kate Agioritis traverses a range of keys, and provides each player with an opportunity to showcase the playful melody.

Level: Advanced

The Barnyards O'Delgaty - Flute Quartet (4 C Flutes)

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