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- "Engaging and thoughtfully arranged popular songs for saxophone quartet. Great fun for players and a delight for audiences young and old."


- Allyson Brown, Musician and Music Educator, Australia




"I’ve played Kate's works for years for thousands of people across the Northwest United States and also abroad.

For anyone I know starting a sax group, I point them to Kate's work as I think it makes not only a great starting place, but also a good foundation that you’ll never grow out of."


- Lucas Blevins, Saxophonist and (former) director

of the Broomates Saxophone Quartet




"Kate Agioritis is one of those willing and able arrangers who takes a suggestion and develops a tune into something special. Years ago we needed some up to date Christmas tunes and to my surprise, within days , she completed each and every suggestion with a fresh new approach. Not limited to just Christmas tunes, Kate has provided our Sax quartet with MANY arrangements of both POP and CLASSICAL works. Kate's music is always fresh and well balanced between the quartet members.  We love her."


- Ronald Hoehn, Sax Pack, Derry New Hampshire

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